We have created a selection of religious watches for you to choose from. If you are looking for a perfect First Communion gift or even a wonderful gift idea for a Confirmation, you are in the right place. Discover Catholic themes such as the Guardian Angel, which is a symbol of protection. We have lots of different Amen watches with the simple silhouette of an angel on the background of a white dial and with bright colored straps. Kids love our flashy colors such as neon colors or bright red. If you like the verses of the religious chant Angelo di Dio, you will love the dials with the words written inside the contour of the angel, a wonderful choice if you have Italian origins or if you like Italian culture. When designing its collection of watches Amen carefully chooses the most fashionable themes and people of the Bible. We couldn’t not have a item with the image of Jesus of the sacred heart. Other personalities that deserve attention are those who because of their choices and their actions became Saints. We have Christian watches with the image of Saint Rita, Patroness of impossible cases; or Saint Francis, Patron of animals. If you want to have an image capable of giving you extra strength in your daily life or in a particular moment, choose one of these iconic personalities, individuals who lived special lives and who will always be remembered for their battles and their faith. Father Pio was an Italian priest who was known for his charity, as well as the gift of the stigmata. Wear the image of Father Pio on your wrist if you identify with his values. Our Amen watch collection features high quality materials and mechanisms, for a long lasting accessory that will never disappoint you or whoever receives it. Not only we design the decoration of these accessories with great care, but we also guarantee their proper functioning and comfort when wearing them. You will be able to keep our watch Amen on your wrist day and night, with our comfortable nylon straps, soft but at the same time very resistant. If you are buying a gift for a child you might prefer one of the items with synthetic strap, that will always be easy to keep clean even when worn everyday and in any conditions. Let your children have their religious watch always with them, even when there are playing in the garden or doing sports. They will have a special protection and will have a thought for faith and the values you teach them, every moment they check the time.

Do not wait any longer, order your favorite Amen accessory, choose quality, bright colors and religious themes that matter. Buy something out of the crowd and wear your faith and your spiritual values with our Catholic watches so that everyone can understand who you are at a first glance. Be proud of your belief and share it with your family and friends.