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 Beautiful Things Are Made To Be Together! Jewelry by AMen This is what happens when you really love someone. True love is a rare thing, but when you see it you recognize it immediately.

AMen Fashion Jewelry - Just like the most intensely lived love stories, Amen’s story began at a crossroads. That moment in which life gives you a choice: to continue ignoring your demons, or face up to them, seizing the opportunity to demonstrate your character by wanting to evolve, listening to your intuitions and stepping forward with courage into the unknown. This is what Giovanni Licastro did in 2011, when, at a turning point in his own life, he asked himself the question: “What drives us on, no matter what happens?” The answer was faith. The most instinctive form of love, the pursuit of hope, the innate need for certainty. Disarming, like beauty. To be safeguarded, like a precious jewel. And this is how an intense moment led to a change, a question to an answer, and that answer to a jewelry collection. AMen


Vita Christi

Summarizing the Life of Jesus with a special bracelet that will last a lifetime. Assigning a moment of it to each bead. AMen